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Journal of Human Genetics and Genomics

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Journal of Human Genetics and Genomics is a peer-reviewed, international journal, publishing articles on all areas of human genetics and genomics. The journal specifically aims to reflect research status in countries of the developing world, in particular Iran as a country aspiring to achieve real progress in the field of human genetics and genomics. Journal of Human Genetics and Genomics welcomes all types of manuscripts and other scientific communications including original manuscripts, meta-analyses and reviews, health economic papers, debates, and consensus, position or policy statements of clinical relevance to human genetics and genomics. The journal was founded by Dr. Mohammad Taghi Akbari (professor of human genetics) in 2017.

Articles on the following areas are especially welcome:

Genetic factors of monogenic and complex disorders; linkage and genome-wide association studies, gene cloning and mapping; cancer genetics, personal genomics; genotype-phenotype relationships and genome diversity; gene structure and organization; gene expression, mutation detection and analysis; cytogenetics and cytogenomics; mutational analysis; genome structure and organization; molecular diagnostics; genetic epidemiology; developmental genetics; molecular genetics of tumorigenesis; epistatic interactions between genes

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Journal of Human Genetics and Genomics covers all aspects of human genetics, including molecular genetics, clinical genetics, biochemical genetics, neurogenetics, behavioral genetics, immunogenetics, cytogenetics, pharmacogenomics, population genetics, evolutionary genetics, dysmorphology, functional genomics, genetic epidemiology, epigenetics, genetic counseling and gene therapy

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ISO: J Human Gen Genom | JCR: J Human Gen Genom




Electronic: 2588-6479



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